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Clicking on a colored ball will reveal your word for the day, or guidance for a particular situation or person.

Registered users who are logged-in will record the word in their Personal Journal.

In a Guided Journey, completion of this activity rewards the user with a Sealed Envelope token.

Words are powerful, in our thoughts, even affecting our health and energy. My Inner World has interactive tools for self discovery that can help you use the power of words in your life. Our "word magic" section is an intuitive online experience where you'll select an "energy ball" that contains a word with special meaning for you. Through word magic, you'll have a word crafting specifically for you that will have significance at the present time.

Using word magic, your special word will give you a message containing what you can learn about or meditate on for your current life and situation today. Use word magic daily or as often as you'd like as an instrument for your personal growth. Change your life using the power and reasoning of word magic. Visit the word magic section on My Inner World now!